Blazing fast Internet connection at an affordable price…with prices of everything rising so rapidly, the thought of a router that is both affordable and fast sounds just too good to be true. But it isn’t. It is real! Amped Wireless’ High-Power AC1750 Wi-Fi Router is all that, and more.


Amped Wireless’ High-Power AC1750 is a state-of-the-art router with unparalleled 802.11 ac Wi-Fi speeds. It is built around Amped Wireless High-Power technology, and comes with three, high-powered dual-band antennas and 12 advanced amplifiers.


The High-Power AC1750 Amped Wireless Router delivers three times faster coverage compared to other routers. Developed with 4-gigabit networking ports, you can connect your PCs, gaming consoles, Smart TVs, and other networking devices and enjoy impressive and ultra-fast wired connection speeds. The Amped Wireless AC1750 has more than enough bandwidth to accommodate high-level activities on numerous devices. As a result, you’ll no longer have to deal with lagging downloads and buffering videos while streaming.


Would you like to make Amped Wireless AC1750 the pillar of your home network? If yes, then do go and check out our detailed Amped Wireless review of the AC1750 Wi-Fi router below to get to know the product’s premium features, pros and cons, complete installation guide, and specifications. But most of all, we provide you with our most important verdict – is it worth purchasing?


Why Choose Amped Wireless High-Power AC 1750 Wi-Fi Router RTA1750?

Amped Wireless AC1750 Wi-Fi Router

The Amped Wireless AC1750 provides superior range Wi-Fi, thanks to its 12 powerful and efficient amplifiers. It doesn’t only provide long-range Wi-Fi coverage, it is also jam-packed with cybersecurity and real-time protection features. Amped Wireless RTA1750 is ahead on security with the capacity to utilize WPA Mixed-Mode, WPA 2, WPA, and WEP protocols. It provides authentication for clients utilizing a Radius server.


In terms of firewall protection, the RTA1750 is integrated with Network Address Translation (NAT), and Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) Firewalls to keep cyber threats and hackers at bay. If other people are using the Wi-Fi network aside from family members, the AC1750 Amped Wireless router allows you to configure eight different guest networks so that each and every family member may enjoy fast and seamless Internet connection.


In terms of software, RTA 1750 is built with a Quality of Service (QoS) software that evenly apportions inbound and outbound network traffic based on MAC address, range, or IP address. Apart from its QoS software, the router also contains parental controls as one of iits premium features. Through QoS, parents can set up a schedule so that their kids can rest from playing online and go to bed, finish their homework, or take a nap.


On top of all that, the RTA 1750 also shows a list of connected devices and displays a traffic meter that shows the data traffic into and out of the wired and wireless connections of the router.


When talking about the RTA1750’s performance, we conclude that it’s fairly satisfying enough to accommodate you and your whole family’s Wi-Fi needs. It has a maximum throughput of 450Mbps for 2.4GHz band and 1.3Gbps for the 5GHz band. The AC1750 is also equipped with a 700-MHz Qualcomm Scorpion processor with a RAM worth 128MB. While it is not configured in the router’s firmware, it contains Qualcomm’s VIVE MU-MIMO transfer protocol integrated in it, for enhancing throughput in the future.


12 Powerful Amplifiers

3 High-Gain and Long-Range Antennas


Excellent Wi-Fi Coverage

Flexible Setup and Customization


Mediocre Bandwidth

No USB Printing

USB 2.0 Port Only

Key Features

12 Powerful Amplifiers

Amped Wireless RTA1750 is filled with high power technology. Built with 12 powerful and advanced amplifiers and three long-range antennas, the router provides up to an industry-leading output power of 800mW.


Powerful Processor

The AC1750 has a powerful internal processor for computing network activities at ultra-fast internet speeds, producing faster and more reliable wireless and wired connection.


Simple Configuration

Amped Wireless’ Basic Setup Wizard gives users a walk through of its setup process and it also automatically configures the settings of your ISP.


Penetrate Thick Walls and Reaches Dead Spots

With the integration of three high-range antennas and low noise amplifiers, the RTA1750 provides unparalleled Wi-Fi coverage and performance. It easily penetrates thick walls and can even reach Wi-Fi dead spots in your home.


Ultra-Fast AC1750 Internet Speeds

The RTA1750 Wi-Fi speeds deliver up to 450Mbps 2.4GHz connections and 5GHz connections have 1300Mbps. Since it is developed with a next-generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology, the AC1750 delivers six times faster internet speed compared to the 802.11n.


Smart Firewall Security 

Aside from the Amped Wireless AC1750’s impressive hardware, it has one of the most reliable cyber-protection capacities that will protect your home network and your device against malware, spyware, ransomware, phishing, and other vulnerabilities. It has dual firewall protection created with NAT and SPI. In addition, you can enjoy safe and secure Internet connections with the WPS configuration.

Other Features

Guest Networks

Guest User Access

IPv6 Support

Long Range Wi-Fi Coverage

Multiple Bandwidths for Multiple Devices

Parental Controls

Quality of Service

Seamless HD Streaming

USB File Sharing

Wi-Fi Coverage Control

Wireless Multimedia Support


Wi-Fi Standard 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Frequency Band 2.4GHz | 5.0GHz
Wi-Fi Speed 2.4GHz: 450Mbps Rx | 450Mbps Tx; 5.0GHz: 1300Mbps Rx | 1300Mbps Tx
Amplifiers 3 – 2.4GHz; 3 – 5.0GHz; 6 – Low Noise
Wi-Fi Security WPS; WPA Mixed; WPA2; WPA; WEP
Wi-Fi Access Scheduling Specific Day and Time
Wi-Fi Coverage Control 15% – 100% (Adjustable for 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz)
Antennas 3 – Detachable High Gain Dual-Band Antenna
Ports 1 RJ45 10/100/1000M WAN (Modem Port); 4 RJ45 10/100/1000M LAN (Local Ports); 1 USB 2.0 Port (USB Storage)
Power Adapter Rating Input: 100~240V; Output: 12V, 1.5A
Mounting Desktop; Wall
Warranty 1-Year Warranty
Setup Requirements PC with Wired or Wireless Network Adapter; Broadband Internet Modem with Ethernet Port
Package Contents Setup Guide; CD: Installation Video and Setup Guide; RJ45 Ethernet Cable; Power Adapter; 3 – Detachable High Gain Dual-Band Antennas; AC1750 High-Power Wi-Fi Router
Supported Web Browsers Google Chrome; Internet Explorer 8.0 or Higher; Safari

How To Use

Think the Amped Wireless AC1750 Router will be a good fit for your home or business?

Learn more about its features and current price here.


Once you’ve made your purchase, you may follow this step-by-step installation guide on how to set it up. The Amped Wireless AC1750 takes only five minutes to install and configure for home use. Just follow these simple and straightforward steps…


How To Set Up The Amped Wireless AC1750 Router?

  • Unplug or disconnect your existing router from your computer, power outlet, or broadband modem. If you don’t have an old router, go on to the next step.
  • Turn off the modem by unplugging it from the power outlet. If your modem is using a back-up battery, remove the battery from the modem
  • Connect your Ethernet cable to your modem
  • Connect the other end of your Ethernet cable to the blue-colored port of your router
  • Plug in the power adapter and reinsert the backup battery to your modem, if applicable
  • Attach the antennas to the antenna connectors from the router
  • For PCs: Connect the grey Ethernet cable to an open network port on your PC.
    For Smartphones or Tablets:Connect to the AC1750’s Wi-Fi Network with the following details:
    – Network Name: Amped_RTA1750_5.0 or Amped_RTA1750_2.4
    – Password: wireless
  • Connect the Power Adapter to the AC1750’s PWR port and power outlet
  • Open a web browser and visit (Note: If the URL isn’t working, try Otherwise, you may check the step-by-step troubleshooting guidelines via if you are still unable to access the Amped Wireless Setup Page using your IP Address. This comprehensive website contains all the essential information you need and configure so you can access the setup page without restrictions.
  • Once you are redirected to the Welcome to the Setup Wizard panel, click Next to proceed
  • Once the dashboard is displayed, scroll down and click Setup Wizard. However, if you prefer manual installation, you can skip the Setup Wizard.
  • After the Setup Wizard has connected to the internet, click Next to proceed
  • Once you will be redirected to the Personalize your Wi-Fi Settings panel, you may change the name of your Wireless SSID and Security Key for both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz networks. By default, the Security Credentials of your network are as follows:– 2.4GHz Network
    Wireless SSID: Amped_RTA1750_2.4
    Security Key: wireless– 5.0GHz Network
    Wireless SSID: Amped_RTA1750_5.0
    Security Key: wireless
  • Once the Create A Password For Your Router panel is displayed, you may also create a password for your router. If you do not wish to create one, you may leave this blank. Once done, click APPLY.- Note: This password is not the password to your Wi-Fi network. This is only to access the web menu of your router to access additional router configurations.
  • After making the necessary configurations, your Router is configured successfully and your network settings are displayed on the panel. Click FINISH
  • Once you have completed the Setup Wizard, you will be immediately redirected to the Dashboard when you visit In the Dashboard, you can access Wi-Fi Coverage Controls, User Access Controls, Parental Controls, Guest Networks, and other premium features.

About Amped Wireless

Amped Wireless is a company that specializes in providing wireless consumer and business communication products for home and business use. Amped Wireless’ mission is to develop high quality, long range wireless products through experience, passion, innovation and advanced technology, products that exceed their customers’ needs and expectations each and every time.


In 2013, Amped Wireless ranked 1 on’s list of best computer hardware, and 16 on its list of fastest growing companies. On Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500’s list, Amped Wireless ranks #15  in the overall category, and #1 in Deloitte’s best Computers/Peripherals category.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a great wireless router for your home and business needs, the Amped Wireless AC1750, with its  record-setting range, and ability to stay connected even from long distances, is a wonderful choice. The high power router provides industry leading Wi-Fi coverage at an unmatched and unrivaled  802.11ac Wi-Fi speed. Able to deliver 3x the coverage of other routers, this product is indeed a sight to behold and experience.


The Amped Wireless AC1750 Router also comes with four gigabit networking ports, allowing you to connect your PC, laptop, desktop, and other networking at blazing fast wired connection speed. With enough bandwidth to handle high- level activity on multiple devices, buffering videos and websites that take forever to load will permanently be in your past!


Overall, if you’re in search of an affordable router with seamless HD streaming, powerful processing,  and impressive Internet range and speed, the Amped Wireless AC1750 High-Power Wi-Fi Router is definitely what you’re looking for.


Have you tried the Amped Wireless AC1750? What did you like? What did you not like?  Feel free to tell us through our Contact Us section. And, after reading our review, if you are still keeping your options open, feel free to check out other reviews on wired routers or wireless routers on If you haven’t gotten the right router for you, there’s no need to worry, we are here to help you decide which router works best for you and your family, and we will always be here for you until you make the right choice.