The NetGate SG-1100 firewall and router combo add to the company’s popular line of ARM-based desktop appliance. This new design of the pfSense firewall has enormous upgrades from its SG-1000 predecessor. While being slightly higher than the SG-1000 at $179, the SG-1100 brings in 5x more performance. The SG-1100 targets small and home offices, home laboratories, virtual offices, small and medium businesses, and corporate branch offices that need a 1Gbps performance firewall.


Why Choose NetGate pfSense Firewall SG-1100?

The NetGate SG-1100 comes in a fanless, sleek, compact, and much lighter box significantly smaller than other boxes in the SG line. Arriving in a desktop form factor, it can either be mounted or placed on a desk or a shelf. The SG-1100 runs in a cost-efficient and low power system with 5x more speed and 2x more RAM capacity. When used as a firewall, it can get up to 500Mbps throughput, and up to 1Gbps for routers.


Easy GUI Management

Secure remote access

Low total cost of ownership


Might not work on 1Gbps fiber connection

Freezes up

Lack of customer service support

Key Features

Powerful & Low Power.

Beating within the compact exterior of the NetGate SG-1100, the 64-bit Marvell ARMADA 3720 network processing system-on-chip (SoC) serves as the brain of the entire operation. The 3720 leverages dual Cortex-A53 ARM processor cores along with 1GB RAM and 8GB eMMC storage. Power consumption sets at 3.48W. 

Packet Filtering Performance.

Packet filtering is a technique used for controlling network access, allowing either to pass or halt based on the packet’s source, IP address, ports, and protocols.

pfSense Software.

NetGate’s SG-110 employs an open-source network security solution that can be configured using a user-friendly interface. pfSense can be configured as a DHCP server, DNS server, LAN or WAN router, stateful packet filtering firewall or a VPN appliance. A microchip crypto authentication device assures customers are running authentic, unaltered pfSense software.

Secure Remote Access.

With the help of pfSense software, the SG-110 allows you to connect through encrypted virtual private networks (VPN). Remote branch offices and on-the-go employees connect securely via cloud. The SG-110 also enables you to create VPN connections with Amazon EC2 cloud using Amazon VPC Wizard.

Low TCO.

The NetGate SG-110 allows individuals and businesses to experience low total cost of ownership (TCO). SG-110’s modern design consumes less power and requires no add-ons to run fully operational.

Other Features

IPMI / BMC Firewall

IPV6, NAT & BGP Support

VPN: IPsec, OpenVPN & PPTP

Dynamic DNS Client

DHCP Server & Relay Functions

PPPoE Server

IoT Gateway / Security Endpoint

Network Tap


Firewall Throughput: 500Mbps
Maximum Concurrent Sessions: 1 Million
Integrated I/O: 3x Gigabit Ethernet
System Memory: 1GB DDR4 RAM
Storage Capacity: 8GB eMMC
Serial Ports: LAN and USB
Form Factor: Desktop
Power Supply: 3.48W
Dimensions: 110 x 84.6 x 31.75mm
Weight: 498.95g

How To Use

  • To start the basic configuration, connect the appliance to the Internet and computer. The Ethernet cable connects to the WAN port of the appliance, with the other end connected to the DSL modem.
  • The second Ethernet cable connects to the appliance and the computer.
  • Open a browser and connect to
  • As it prompts a private connection, click the advanced button to proceed to the link (unsafe).
  • Use these default logins – Username: admin, Password: pfsense.

About NetGate

NetGate was founded in 2004 with headquarters in Austin, Texas. It is the leading company for open-source productization known best as the provider of pfSense, a free open source firewall and router software that also uses UTM, multi-WAN, and load balancing, and more. NetGate releases leading-edge network systems and appliances at a fair price point. One of these is the line of SG products including the SG-1100.

Final Thoughts

NetGate’s SG-1100 has some promising features that focus mainly on speed and computer memory. But it’s ambitious to have the ARMADA processor, gigabit routing, and all other features combined in one box at an affordable price point. Users recommend this device if you have a 500Mbps of firewall traffic as it adequately does the job of advanced security. Anything more than that, the SG-1100 won’t be the top choice.


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