Bitdefender Total Security 2020 introduces a familiar set of PC maintenance tools, including modules to highlight large files, remove disk-hogging junk and optimize the boot process.


Total Security’s clean-up options are basic but powerful, with CCleaner finding 50% more junk files on test PCs. It’s a similar story with the Startup Optimizer, where Bitdefender gives you options to enable, disable or delay when individual apps boot, but CCleaner also offers expert-level control over services, scheduled tasks and more.


Bitdefender Total Security does include the core essentials. The main antivirus engine, URL Filtering to block malicious websites and zero prompts that will try to persuade you to upgrade a higher package. This is because Bitdefender Total Security 2020 is not a limited demo package, it is a real, powerful security suite which you can use in the long term.


The real benefit of upgrading to Bitdefender Total Security 2020 is you get apps for Android, Mac and iOS devices, as well as PCs. And although the new apps can’t match the power of the Windows edition, they’re well worth having.


Why Choose BitDefender Total Security 2020?

bitdefender total security

BitDefender Total Security main takeaway is its cross platform, multi-device protection. Upgrading to Bitdefender Total Security 2020 gives you and your Android, Mac and iOS devices ironclad protection.


The Mac app looks out for malware and adware and includes Time Machine protection to keep your backups safe from ransomware. Top quality anti-phishing blocks access to malicious links, and the 200MB a day version of Bitdefender VPN is thrown in.


Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS is mostly about detecting malicious websites, but it does this well, and that alone could save you from real problems. As a bonus, an account privacy tool raises an alert if your web accounts are involved in a privacy breach.


Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android includes everything you get in the Mac and iOS builds, and adds on-installation scanning for dangerous apps, an app locker to prevent others accessing your personal data, and anti-theft to remotely locate, lock or wipe a missing device.


You can get a lot of this functionality elsewhere for free. There is no shortage of app locker or anti-theft apps, for instance, but Bitdefender’s malicious URL blocking easily outperforms most of the competition. That feature alone might justify the install.


Overall, Bitdefender Total Security covers all your basic and security needs such as Malware Protection, Performance Optimization and Smart scanning. It also protects your mobile devices from intruders as well.


Comprehensive 24/7 Online Support

Faster Scanning

Custom Ransomware

Powerful Malware Protection

Ransomware Simulator

Secure Deletion of Files/Programs

Ransomware Blocking


Short on Features

Glitches on Malware Detection

Key Features

Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection

BitDefender Total Protection’s Advanced ransomware protection notifies you of any attack, and prevents you from losing your money or files.


Zero System Slowdowns

Bitdefender’s revolutionary technology ensures instant reaction to malware, as well as pure performance with no system slowdowns.


Webcam Protection

Bitdefender’s advanced protection extends to even the cameras on all your devices. To prevent any intrusion into your privacy.


Automatic Upgrades

Every Bitdefender product is designed to update automatically, and protect you against the most advanced cyber threats on the planet.Upgrades to the latest version are included as part of your subscription.


Anti Theft

When the device connects via Wi-Fi, Bitdefender gets its location using Wi-Fi triangulation. This helps you track your mobile device if it is stolen or misplaced.


Premium Parental Control

Bitdefender Total Protection’s Premium Parental Control aims to let parents know when kids may be in trouble online, without totally trampling the child’s privacy.  If the child posts an inappropriate photo, it lets parents know what happened, but does not supply the photo itself. Its AI-based analysis suggests the child is being cyberbullied, it notifies the parents, without going into detail.


Account Privacy 

Bitdefender’s Account Privacy is a mobile-specific feature that checks your Bitdefender account against known breaches, and reports any hits.


Wi-Fi Security Advisory

Wi-Fi Security Advisor scans the networks you connect to for any security holes that might put you at risk, and then recommends the best action to protect your device and your privacy.



Bitdefender Firewall adds an extra layer of protection, by blocking potentially malicious applications that want to connect to the Internet. Your personal information stays safe from hackers and data snoops.


Advanced Threat Defense

Bitdefender Advanced Threat Defense is an innovative proactive detection technology that uses advanced heuristic methods to detect ransomware and other new threats in real time. Advanced Threat Defense identifies anomalies in the device and correlates different suspicious behaviors to significantly increase detection with less impact on performance than ever.

Other Features




Advanced Threat Defense


Wifi Security Advisor

Global Protective Network

Real Time Data Protection

Network Threat Prevention

Web Security

Social Network Protection

Operating System Compatibility

Operating System Windows 10 Home/Pro/Enterprise/Education | 32Bit or 64Bit; Windows 8.1/Pro/Enterprise | 32Bit or 64Bit; Windows 8/Pro/Enterprise | 32Bit or 64Bit; Windows 7 Home Basic/Home Premium/Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate – Service Pack 1 | 32Bit or 64Bit
Hard Disk Space 2.5GB
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo (2 GHz)

How To Use

Think BitDefender Total Security 2020 will be a good fit for your home or business?

Learn more about its features and current price here.


Once you’ve made your purchase, follow the steps below to install the software on your device.


Prerequisite Instructions:

– Verify if your computer has met the minimum system requirements specified above

– Log in to your PC as an Administrator

– Uninstall any similar programs from your PC

– Close all Active Applications

– Make sure you are connected to the internet before starting the installation process

  • Sign into your Bitdefender Central
    NOTE: If you don’t have an account already, please sign up for one.- Prior to the installation of Bitdefender 2020, please make sure that you have a Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Bitdefender Internet Security or Bitdefender Total Security subscription in your Central account so the product you install can retrieve it’s validity from your account.
  • Go to My Devices, then click INSTALL PROTECTION.
  • In the Protect your devices window, click Protect this device to install Bitdefender on your current PC. Then select device owner from the list.- To install Bitdefender on another device click Protect other devices. Select device owner first. You can choose to copy to clipboard the download link or SEND DOWNLOAD LINK. Enter the email address of the recipient and click SEND EMAIL to send the download link via email.
  • Wait until the download completes, then run the installer. This button will help you locate it in the browser
  • The installation package is first updated, then the setup wizard appears. Downloading the installation files can take a long time, especially over slower internet connections.
  • Select the Language you want to install the product in.
  • Click INSTALL to confirm your preferences and begin the installation. Wait for the installation to complete.
  • Click START USING BITDEFENDER to continue. In the Get started window you can see details about your active subscription. Click FINISH to access the interface. Your Bitdefender 2020 product is now installed and activated.

About BitDefender

BitDefender is a frontrunner in the cybersecurity setting, protecting over 500 million users in over 150 nations. Since 2001, BitDefender has consistently delivered award-winning security products and threat intelligence for people, homes, businesses, and their devices, networks, and cloud services.


Today, BitDefender is  the provider of choice and is used in over 38% of the world’s cybersecurity solutions. Recognized by industry, respected by vendors, and loved by customers,


BitDefender is the cybersecurity company you can trust and rely on to fight current and emerging threats.

Final Thoughts

Bitdefender Total Security may be short on features compared to other Antivirus softwares, but it gives you a quality core antivirus engine. We found it was just as effective at detecting and blocking malware and dangerous URLs.


The one exception was its performance with our own custom ransomware. Bitdefender Total Protection detected and blocked this from its behavior alone. Bitdefender Antivirus Free wasn’t able to do that. This suggests that although the free edition will block known ransomware, it might not be as effective in protecting you from brand new threats. Bitdefender Total Security is a good choice in looking for comprehensive security.


What’s more, Bitdefender is significantly better at blocking malicious URLs than most of the competition, which may help you avoid infection from the latest ransomware and other threats in the first place.


Lastly, Bitdefender Total Security is the top of its game in providing security for your computer and mobile devices. It also outperforms some of the commercial competition because of features that only Bitdefender Total Security offers. In a nutshell, Bitdefender Total Security is one of the best choices for software security in the market.


However, after reading the product review, if you would still like to keep your options open, we still have other anti-spyware software or anti-trojan software on our website, and you are more than welcome to check out those.