Comodo Internet Security runs different layers of security applications to keep your browser, network, and devices protected from hackers down to the operating system level.


Why Choose Comodo Internet Security?

Aside from having advanced antivirus and firewall functionality, Comodo Internet Security comes with unique tools to offer. For an affordable price lower than $20, you will get an integrated sandbox environment and a valkyrie system.


Optional firewall installation

Zero-day protection

Military-grade threat protection


Spam Notifications

Not friendly for beginners

Key Features

Auto Sandbox Technology.

Rather than placing checks for inbound and outbound attacks, Comodo Internet Security uses a different approach through sandbox technology. A sandbox is a software testing environment that creates a virtual box where you can browse the web without worrying about programs that change the system.

Secure Banking & Shopping.

Comodo Internet Security enables you to do bank transactions and shop online without worrying. The Internet security suite does this by isolating your Internet browser within a secure container. This makes your browser protected from being hacked, monitored or seen by cybercriminals.

Defense+ or Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS).

Defense+ is a host-based intrusion prevention system that monitors executable files. The best way to think about HIPS is how a firewall guard Internet access activity. When you install some applications, HIPS will tell you of potentially unwanted programs. As the user, you can decide whether these are unsafe software or safe ones that you have installed yourself. This will come in handy for advanced users who can ignore the warning and label false alerts for safe apps.

Valkyrie System.

Comodo Internet Security’s Valkyrie system does behavioral checks in real-time, which protects you from malware that’s not even discovered yet. Signature-based detection and trusted certificate validation are two of the techniques used in the Valkyrie system.

Optional Firewall Installation.

Unlike other Internet security suites, Comodo Internet Security allows you to forego using the firewall even though it comes in the package. While you need a firewall to keep your computer safe, installing the firewall is optional. While the Comodo firewall has superior security checks, the developer understands that each computer will require specific security needs. As some computers may still run on older operating systems, having an advance firewall may slow down the computer’s performance. As a user, seeing the benefits of the Comodo antivirus, you can still use it without having to change anything from your current configuration.

Other Features

Intuitive UI

Configurable Security Rules Interface

Application Behavior Analysis


Anti-Root Kit

Bot Protection

Minimum System Requirements

Memory: 150MB Available RAM
Storage: 400MB Available Hard Disk Space
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP
Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 5.1

How To Use

  • One of the unique features of Comodo Internet Security is its Sandbox Technology. You can run programs in a test environment so it does not affect your computer or make changes until you can identify that it is safe. Here’s how you can run programs/applications in the Comodo Sandbox.
  • Granted you have already installed the Comodo Internet Security software, go to Defense+ interface and click on ‘Run a program in the sandbox.’
  • Select the program you want to run.
  • There are 4 kinds of restriction level that you can use.
    – As “untrusted” with no access to the OS and limited access rights.
    – As “restricted” with some access to the OS and limited access rights.
    – As “limited” with selected OS resources, and no Administrator account privileges.
    – As “partially limited” with access to OS files, but not with loading drivers or debugging.

About Comodo Cybersecurity

The Comodo Cybersecurity is headquartered in New Jersey, United States. Samsung and Shell are two famous organizations that trust the company to protect them from cyber threats. Their latest technology is the Dragon Platform which uses endpoint security and focused proactive protection.

Final Thoughts

Comodo Internet Security highlights some advanced features such as Sandbox Technology, Valkyrie System, and HIPS. For the advanced users, with technical advantage on how to tweak the system, this might be a good choice. It is highly configurable based on the specific needs of the user and has a neat user interface, too. It also requires very minimal system usage.


But if you’re not willing to study its tricky configurations, you may need someone’s expertise for it to run properly. Because of its very sensitive security checks, some safe sites and traffic might become flagged as malicious. Again, this will require some tweaking in the configuration.


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