Do you want to purchase an antivirus program that doesn’t need a lot of customization? Avira Antivirus Pro would be a wise choice. From the time it came out in the market, Avira has remained a veteran contender in safeguarding its customers against malware, spyware, and even ransomware. Avira goes back to the essentials with its antivirus solution, providing its customers with the best cybersecurity protection to make their lives easier. If you want to protect your data and computers from hackers, and you’re not on the lookout for too many features,  Avira Antivirus Pro will give you the protection you need.


In our Avira Antivirus Pro Review below, get to know all there is to know about the Avira, product information, important guidelines, how to install the Avira Antivirus Pro, and other bonus information.


Why Choose Avira Antivirus Pro?

Avira antivirus pro

The Avira Antivirus Pro accurately blocks malware threats and fights online attacks without interrupting your PC’s system performance. It’s popular for its security-first strategy, strong antivirus tools and real-time protection. Avira Antivirus Pro detects, stops, and removes different types of malware from computers with its powerful scanner.


Furthermore, In terms of accuracy at detecting malware, Avira Antivirus Pro got an average of  99.99% rating for ease of use, performance, and protection from various testing labs. Also, Avira Antivirus safeguards you from unwanted applications that install themselves on your desktops or laptops without your awareness.


Do you prefer customizable scans? Avira Antivirus Pro has got you covered! While this antivirus program is easy to navigate if you prefer a “set-it-and-forget-it” functionality, you can customize how  Avira scans your PC and the security level of your PC. You can opt for full or quick scans, which only scans for major files and folders, or if you pick a specific folder you want to scan.


If you are looking for more reasons as to why Avira Antivirus Pro is a perfect companion to cybersecurity protection, this guide will list down some of its unique features to help you narrow down your antivirus program choices. In a nutshell, Avira Antivirus Pro’s strong emphasis on safeguarding computers without too much fuss is one of the biggest reasons why you certainly take your chances on this antivirus solution. While other competitors develop their antivirus programs with unnecessary features, Avira has garnered a reputation for its sharp focus on antivirus scanning and security. Overall, the Avira Antivirus Pro is an excellent choice and affordable cybersecurity protection.


100% Compatibility with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Affordable Package for Multiple Devices

Cloud Protection Capabilities

Exceptional Protection against Malware (Free Version)

Generous Free Trial

Impressive Laboratory Test Result

Low System Impact

Quick Updates

User-Friendly and Easy To Navigate User Interface


Fewer Improvements of Security in Paid Version

Messy Setup

No Customer Support for Free Version

Several Pop-Up Ads in Free Trial Mode

Key Features

Browser Safety

The Avira Antivirus Pro provides a free browser extension for added security while surfing the  internet. Its browser Safety feature prevents ads, browser hijackers and protects your PC against phishing and malware. Also, this feature is compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.


Home Guard

A vulnerability scanner for a smartphone is a suitable tool for ensuring that there are no holes and flaws in your network. The Home Guard is entirely free and is available on Android and Windows devices.


Mobile Security

If you require free protection for your iOS devices, Avira Mobile Security is a great choice for you. This free mobile app of Avira protects your tablets and smartphones against potential malware and cyber threats.


Password Manager

Avira Antivirus Pro has a password manager feature that is capable of generating encryption-protected passwords and saving them in a secure environment. This feature checks for any password leak, weak passwords as well as send notifications when your account is compromised.


Phantom VPN

Another premium feature of the Avira Antivirus Pro is the Phantom VPN. It helps encrypt your traffic and channel it through a protected tunnel. It protects your device while you’re sending confidential emails or transacting financial processes online. The Phantom VPN has servers in 36 countries that allow you to connect to every corner of the globe without getting spied by potential hackers or hijackers.


Privacy Pal

With Privacy Pal, you can block third-party entities from collecting personal data, and eliminate confidential files and documents for good, with zero digital traces. On top of all that, Privacy Pal lets you resolve more than 200 privacy issues with one single click. The only downside to this feature is it’s only available on Windows operating systems.


Safe Shopping

Safe Shopping automatically explores the most affordable incentives online. It can find discounts, coupons, and other perks in a matter of seconds. Also, it scans the internet for malicious sites and safeguards the device its on from potential threats. You can access this feature on all major browsers, but it’s only compatible on Windows.


SafeSearch Plus

SafeSearch is a Chrome extension that provides protection while copying search results from Google. It blocks phishing websites, collects search results from Google and safeguards against malicious advertising.


Software Updater

Available only in Windows, the Software Updater finds all the latest updates on your PC and notifies you of its updates. If you are a busy person and don’t have the time to monitor all the latest updates of your device, this feature is a helpful tool.


System Speedup

Avira’s System Speedup, speeds up the performance of your operating system to  make it boot faster. On top of all that, Avira’s System Speedup contains advanced cleaning, registry cleanup, and battery optimization features to boost your PC’s performance.


Windows 10 Specifics

Avira Antivirus Pro has an exclusive app for Windows 10. It is a straightforward, easy to use and user-friendly app bundled with everything you need in one platform. The app requires fewer system resources to execute some of its processes. Although it’s Windows 10 specific, the app can also be utilized in Windows 7 and higher devices.

Other Features

Adware Prevention

Anti-Phishing Technology





Automatic Virus Scanning

Manual Virus Scanning

Real-Time Antivirus Protection

Registry Startup Scan

Scheduled Scan

USB Virus Scan

Operating System Compatibility

Windows Windows 10 (32Bit or 64Bit), Windows 8.1 (32Bit or 64Bit), Windows 8 (32Bit or 64Bit), Windows 7 (32Bit or 64Bit)
Mac macOS 10.15.X (Catalina), macOS 10.14.X (Mojave), macOS 10.13.X (High Sierra), macOS 10.12.X (Sierra), Mac OS X 10.11.X (El Capitan)
Android Android 5 and Later
iOS iOS 11 and Later

Windows Hardware Requirements

Processor Intel Pentium 4/AMD Athlon 64Bit Processor or Faster (SSE2 Support)
Hard Disk Space 2GB

Mac Hardware Requirements

Processor Intel Core 2 Duo/Core i3/Core i5/Core i7
Hard Disk Space 500MB

How To Use

Avira Antivirus Pro on Windows

  • Download and install Avira Antivirus Pro
  • Once the installer has been downloaded successfully, navigate to the downloaded file on File Explorer.
  • Double-click or launch the installer
  • If you are prompted to run the file, click Run
  • Once the Avira Antivirus Installation pops up, you may proceed with the process.

Note: The installation process is very simple and straightforward. You don’t need additional configurations to successfully install the program on your PC.


Avira Antivirus Pro on Mac

  • Download and install Avira Antivirus Pro
  • Begin the installation process by double-clicking the Avira installer in your downloads folder
  • Read and accept the software licensing agreement
  • Click Continue
  • Input your Administrator Account Username and Password when prompted
  • Once the installation process has been completed, the Avira Antivirus Pro app will begin automatically then run an update and a short system check.
  • Restart your Mac to ensure successful installation of the program

About Avira

Headquartered in Germany, Avira is a cybersecurity developer and is one of the biggest antivirus producers in the world. The company was established in 2006, but its antivirus application has been in operation since 1986 through its predecessor company H+BEDV Datentechnik GmbH. At present, approximately 100+ million users around the globe have Avira installed on their PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.


With more than 30 years of service, Avira has numerous products and services to offer, like software upgrades, VPN services, antivirus programs, just to name a few. However, its primary focus remains to be antivirus protection, a feature highly rated by different independent antivirus testing labs.To add to that, the company has demonstrated excellent lab results in terms of confidentiality and security. Far from resting on their laurels, Avira is working harder than ever, constantly working on upgrades and enhancements, doing everything it can to be ahead of the market.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, we’ve discussed Avira Antivirus Review’s premium features and software  requirements. We’ve also discussed its superior protection performance against online threats and digital vulnerabilities proven through many, independent antivirus testing activities.


In a nutshell, Avira Antivirus Pro is a cybersecurity solution that safeguards devices from threats like adware, trojans, spyware, viruses, and other malicious attacks. It provides added protection through its anti-ransomware features; making sure your data can’t be compromised. Another outstanding feature of the Avira Antivirus Pro is that it is built around heuristic technology that blocks ransomware before it can compromise your devices.


In terms of next-generation technology, the Avira Antivirus Pro is developed through Deep Learning and Machine Learning tools and is considered one of the most advanced antivirus solutions available on the market.


While it’s not as remarkable in anti-phishing protection compared to its competitors, it is no doubt still an excellent option. It has a user-friendly interface, a strong reputation, and multiple platform compatibility – everything you need in just one bundle. We highly encourage you to try the Avira Antivirus Pro and play around it on your device. In that way, you will find out whether you want to retain the app or not. If you would still like to look through other antivirus programs, we provide numerous comprehensive reviews on our website you may want to explore.