You’ve probably encountered Avast in search of your first antivirus software many years ago, probably because it offers the best products for free, with the most efficient and straightforward features. Another reason for that could be because Avast is the most recognized and reliable brand in the industry, offering antivirus protection solutions to approximately 400+ million devices, making it one of the best contenders on the market.


If you are looking for an antivirus software to fit a variety of budget types, Avast is often a primary choice and a favorite among consumers. Avast has a lot of other great features too, which we will get into later in the article, like its installation guidelines and some of its premium integrations.


Why Choose Avast Ultimate Suite?

Avast Ultimate suite

The Avast Ultimate Suite is a top-end Avast software that is bundled with all the essential packages developed by Avast. More than just an antivirus solution, the Avast Ultimate Suite has everything you need to safeguard your computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets against viruses, spyware, and other cyber threats. Also, this antivirus program is integrated with the premium features in terms of performance, privacy, and security – all in one powerful premium suite.


With the Avast Ultimate Suite, your computer gets advanced and powerful antivirus cybersecurity protection to block all malware, including ransomware. It is also packed with top tune-up and clean-up tools, VPN for optimum online privacy, and a password manager.


Some people have problems upgrading their security suite. With Avast Ultimate Suite, that is a thing of the past. Its bundled premium package is developed around Avast Premium Security, providing you with essential real-time protection against threats even from its core foundation. On top of all that, included in the suite are three premium integrated products like the Avast Cleanup Premium, Avast Password Premium, and the Avast SecureLine VPN.


In a nutshell, Avast remains consistent as one of the best picks for computer and internet security due to its reliability and usability. Even though there are unlimited possibilities toward perfection, its products show steady progress. On the flipside, the company needs adjustments to identify the majority of potentially unsafe cyberattacks and malware on various devices. Currently, the offline and online malware detection rate of Avast is 98.6% while the protection rate is at 99.99%, leaving some room for improvement.


In terms of flexibility, Avast Ultimate Suite is highly compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows platforms. Its advanced and lightweight performance definitely appeals to entry-level users who want to secure their devices without spending too much. If you want to try some of Avast’s antivirus protection features, you can download a 30-day free trial and experience for yourself it’s notable solution strategies for protecting you against viruses, Trojans, worms, phishing, and other digital vulnerabilities.


Abundant Features

Accurate Spam Filter

Best Value for Money

Easy to Configure

Easy to Use and Friendly User Interface

Effective Ransomware Shield

Free Avast Mobile Security for Android

Impressive Detection/Removal Rate

Notable Additional Features

Quickest and Most Secure Antivirus


Confusing Various Packages

Core Features are available in Free Edition

Limited Features of Free Version

Pricy in Some Configurations

Slow System Performance while Scanning

Unavailability in iOS Devices

Key Features

Premium Security

Avast Ultimate Suite is integrated with Premium Security and provides you with the most comprehensive online protection for your devices. It is Avast’s toughest and lightest tool against spyware, ransomware, online vulnerabilities, viruses, and other malware. Specifically, it has a Ransomware Shield Technology that protects your important files and documents from hijacking as well as a Webcam Shield to prevent unauthorized access to your PC’s webcam.


SecureLine VPN

With Avast SecureLine VPN, you can complete your online activities or transactions safely and securely. It comes with bank-grade encryption to help you browse, shop, message and perform financial transactions without worries of getting hacked and spied by hijackers. In addition, no one can see what you do online, which will prevent your data from getting stolen.


Cleanup Premium

Avast Cleanup Premium improves the performance of your PC in minutes through its advanced tune-up tools. You can easily remove junk and unnecessary files from your phone or computer for a faster, more efficient, and cleaner performance. It is able to do that through its one-click maintenance care option, which gives a quick overview of your PC’s health, and its bloatware removal function.


Passwords Premium

Another premium feature of the Avast Ultimate Suite is Avast Passwords Premium. With Avast Passwords Premium, you can manage all your credentials with one master password for more convenient, secure, and faster logins. Avast Passwords Premium auto-fills your login credentials securely and syncs them across your PC. If you entered a weak password, this Avast Passwords Premium provides suggestions. It also notifies the user of password leaks.


Multi-Device Subscription

Need to upgrade our family’s protection against online threats and vulnerabilities? Avast Ultimate Suite is a perfect choice. You can activate all or just some of the products included in this bundled antivirus suite. With the Avast Ultimate Multi-Device subscription, you can activate the same products numerous times on a maximum of ten devices.

Other Features

Adware Prevention

Anti-Phishing Technology






Auto Virus Scanning

Email Protection

Email Support

Gamer Mode

Manual Virus Scanning

Personal Firewall

Real-Time Antivirus Protection

Registry Startup Scan

Scheduled Scan

Smartphone Optimizer

USB Virus Scan

VPN Service

Phone and Ticket Support

Operating System Compatibility

Windows Windows 10 Home/Pro/Enterprise/Education | 32Bit or 64Bit; Windows 8.1/Pro/Enterprise | 32Bit or 64Bit; Windows 8/Pro/Enterprise | 32Bit or 64Bit; Windows 7 Home Basic/Home Premium/Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate – Service Pack 1 | 32Bit or 64Bit
Mac macOS 10.15.X (Catalina), macOS 10.14.X (Mojave), macOS 10.13.X (High Sierra), macOS 10.12.X (Sierra), Mac OS X 10.11.X (El Capitan), Mac OS X 10.10.X (Yosemite)
Android Google Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21) or Later

Windows Hardware Requirements

Processor 1 GHz
Hard Disk Space 2GB

Mac Hardware Requirements

Processor Intel Core 2 Duo/Core i3/Core i5/Core i7
Hard Disk Space 500MB

How To Use

To install the complete security protection package, Avast Premium Security must be initially installed. From there, you can activate the Avast Ultimate Suite. You may follow these simple steps to start the process:


Download Avast Premium Security on Windows PC

  • Log in to your Windows PC as an Administrator. Make sure no other applications or antivirus programs are running on your computer.
  • Download Avast Premium Security
  • Once the installer has been downloaded, right-click the downloaded file in File Explorer. Click “Run as administrator
  • If User Account Control pops up, click Yes
  • If you want to change the default setup language, select the current language displayed located on the upper-right corner of the page.
  • Click Install to start the installation process. On the other hand, you can select Customize to start the custom installation.
  • Once the installation has been completed, click Get Started on the You’re Protected panel
  • Read the Avast Privacy Policy. Select I Agree if you provide consent to Avast to share anonymous data with third-party clients. Otherwise, choose No, Thanks if you don’t want your data to be shared.
  • In this step, Avast will ask you how you are going to proceed.
    a) Activate: If you bought a paid subscription, follow the activation process mentioned further in this article
    b) Start Free Trial: If you want to try all paid premium features for a limited time, you can begin a free trial.
  • Click Run First Scan to begin a complete Smart Scan to detect viruses, spyware, malware, and other vulnerabilities on your computer.


Download Avast Premium Security on Mac

  • Download Avast Premium Security for Mac
  • Once the installer has been downloaded completely, double-click on the file
  • Double-click Avast Security Icon once installation panel pops up
  • Click Continue
  • Once the Avast Security Installer guide is displayed, click Continue
  • In the Avast End User License Agreement, click Continue
  • Click Agree
  • Click Install
  • Input your Administrator Account Username and Password
  • Click Install Software
  • Click Close
  • Restart your Mac to ensure successful installation of the program


Activate Avast Ultimate Suite – Windows

  • Open the Avast Premium Security App
  • Go to Menu > My Subscriptions
  • Click Enter a valid Activation Code on the My Subscriptions panel
  • Input your Activation Code
  • Click Enter
  • Avast Premium Security is activated successfully. Select Activate & Install from the list of Other available subscriptions. In this case, Avast SecureLine VPN, and Avast Cleanup is listed.
  • If you’re prompted to restart, click Yes
  • Your Avast Ultimate Suite is activated. To check your active subscriptions, navigate to My Subscriptions panel from the Avast Premium Security app


Activate Avast Ultimate Suite – Mac

  • Open Avast Premium Security
  • Navigate to Menu > Activate Paid Features
  • Input your Activation Code in the text box
  • Click Activate
  • In the Avast Premium Security Main Panel, click Menu > My Subscriptions
  • Under Subscription from the Preferences panel, click Activate next to the apps listed under Subscriptions on this Mac
  • Input your Administrator Account Username and Password if prompted.
  • Click OK


Activate Avast Ultimate Suite – Android

Avast Mobile Security Premium

  • Download and install Avast Mobile Security from Google Play Store
  • Open Avast Mobile Security
  • Tap Get Started > Upgrade Now
  • Open Menu in the upper-right corner and choose Enter Activation Code
  • Input your Activation Code and tap Confirm


Avast Cleanup Pro

  • Download and install Avast Cleanup Pro from Google Play Store
  • Open Avast Cleanup
  • Tap Get Started
  • Navigate to Menu in the upper-right corner and choose Enter Activation Code
  • Input your Activation Code and tap Confirm


Avast SecureLine VPN

  • Download and install Avast SecureLine VPN from Google Play Store
  • Open Avast SecureLine VPN
  • Tap Already Purchased?
  • Tap Enter Activation Code
  • Input your Activation Code
  • Tap Continue


Activate Avast Ultimate Suite – iPhone/iPad

Avast Mobile Premium Security

  • Download and install Avast Mobile Security from the App Store
  • Open Avast Mobile Security
  • If you are recommended to start a free trial, select Not now
  • Tap Allow when prompted to receive notifications from Avast Mobile Security
  • Tap Upgrade located on the upper-right corner of the panel
  • Tap Already Purchased?
  • Select Enter Avast Subscription Code
  • Input your Activation Code and tap OK


Avast SecureLine VPN

  • Download and install Avast SecureLine VPN from the App Store
  • Tap Already Purchased?
  • Tap Enter Avast Subscription Code
  • Input your Activation Code and tap Continue

About Avast 

Avast is committed to developing a world that provides privacy and security for all, whether for homes or businesses.One of the biggest security companies around the globe, it uses start-of-the-art technology to eliminate cyber-attacks and threats. Headquartered in Prague, the company employs a strong group of prominent and experienced network and security engineers to craft its innovative cybersecurity strategy.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Avast is an all-inclusive reliable and solid antivirus software. It is powerful and efficient in detecting and eliminating all kinds of malware.The Avast Ultimate Suite is a full-pledged, reputable antivirus package with top-of-the-line heuristic strategies, features that make this product an excellent source of cybersecurity protection.


In terms of pricing, Avast offers a flexible subscription policy and provides discounts whenever necessary. It is not the cheapest antivirus program available on the market, but it does offer a generous 30-day free trial for you to discover its features. After all that’s been discussed, if you’re still in search of other antivirus software in the market, feel free to go through some of the others on FireWall Guide.