In today’s digital landscape, threats are emerging even faster than we exchange information. As a home user, this could mean you and your family’s privacy may be compromised. Your private information might be accessible to malicious hackers, and possibly even sold on the black web. While, as an enterprise, to have your private data compromised could sabotage your business and could even cost you million.


A traditional form of antivirus software may no longer perform the protection you now need. Hackers are improving their game daily, learning the ins and outs of software solutions made to fight against them. A software that offers advanced protection can only do so much. To counter such attacks, a software that tracks all activities and protects you the moment these threats emerge is what you need.


Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are just some of the newest technologies used alongside other technologies in powering almost any activity on the Internet such as device protection and Internet security. Antivirus needs to adapt the moment a new threat attacks your device. They make this possible through artificial intelligence. One example of such software is Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes primarily offers security against malware but also against malicious threats that are being created daily.


In this article, we’re giving you a review of the Malwarebytes software, along with the features that come with it, the pros and cons users have encountered in using it, and software compatibility and uses.


Why Choose Malwarebytes? 


Compared to traditional software that reacts slowly to new threats, Malwarebytes react to emerging threats, shuts down attacks from all angles, and cleans up all corners of your devices from day zero.


Malwarebytes is one of the best software solutions, providing comprehensive scans even when you’re not using your computer. One of its notable features, aside from providing multiple layers of PC protection, is that it shields itself from unwanted modifications most likely caused by malware.


It’s also worth noting Malwarebytes’ light and user-friendly interface. You don’t see any useless windows or graphics included. The features are as straightforward as it can get. It also shows a threat scan summary that can be understood even from a novice perspective.


Running on Katana Engine, it boasts how it specifies malware threats rather than providing generic terms. For example, instead of the generic threat name “Malware123”, it shows the specific malware “Spyware.PasswordStealer” with information on the specific threat. However, some users think some threats need more explanation for them to understand what they are encountering. This could be an area that Malwarebytes needs to improve on to keep its customers.


To get a feel of the software and its uses, Malwarebytes offers a 14-day trial period which includes the protection of your identity and privacy against hackers. Documents and financial records are also protected from ransomware attacks, while your personal information is kept from malicious and fraudulent websites. On using the trial software, you can see how Malwarebytes can stop malware from infecting your computer performance causing any crashes.


When you decide to buy its premium version, you can get all of these features at a relatively affordable price. The paid software comes in two versions, namely Personal and Business. The Personal version also offers different pricing plans for 1, 3, or 5 devices depending on your needs. The business version, also called Malwarebytes Endpoint Security, starts at $699.90 for 10 devices, with cheaper offers as you add more. Malwarebytes proves to be a powerful solution even for small businesses, running on less than 20 devices. Though at the same time, it provides excellent protection even to medium businesses and larger enterprises.


The software is available only for a yearly subscription. Some users consider this as a downside compared to other software availed through a one-time purchase. In other words, other software solutions are relatively cheaper compared to this offer.


In terms of compatibility, you can use the software with Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android, and iOS devices. Also, it reports fighting against over 8 million threats per day, supporting users and devices reaching up to 8.7 million.


Run-on 50 percent fewer CPU resources

Sophisticated toolkit

Easy-to-use interface

Quarantine viruses

Real-time app blocks

Smooth implementation

Can be used alongside another antivirus


Constant upsells

Only for a yearly subscription

Occasionally misses suspicious applications

Auto-updates sometimes not working

No quick scan option

Key Features

Application Hardening

From the name itself, the software “hardens” your application, making it more resilient against exploits. This feature is specifically effective against advanced exploit kits.


Web Protection

The moment you access sites that automatically install adware and cookies to your browser, you become vulnerable to threats from malvertising, phishing strategies, malware servers, etc. Malwarebytes protects your device from such threats.


Anomaly Detection

Mentioned several times is how Malwarebytes detects emerging threats. It does this through anomaly detection, which is the technology of identifying unusual behaviors, deviations, and irregularities which do not conform to the usual behavior you see in most software. While not all anomalies are unsafe, it is a useful and effective precautionary step in providing protection.


Behavior Monitoring

Similar to Anomaly Detection, the Behavior Monitoring technology keeps a list of safe and unsafe behaviors and signatures to keep track of programs installed in your device. It mainly detects and blocks ransomware by tracking such behaviors.


Payload Analysis

Heuristic and behavioral rules act somewhat as signals to incoming malware,especially zero-hour variants that aren’t yet registered in the database.


Exploit Mitigation

This feature is specific to the Business version which primarily monitors browsers and application vulnerability. Mainly, it protects browsers and browser components, and vulnerable applications, and defends against download attacks.


24/7 Real-Time Protection

Most software solutions that you can see today cannot perform its functions when you stop using your devices, such as when you put it to sleep or shut it down.


Light interface 

Malwarebytes protects without hogging the system or sending  unwanted notifications. The interface is also clean and user friendly, with no useless tabs and functionalities you don’t need.


Malwarebytes Privacy

Malwarebytes has its VPN, which hides your profile in the public network. A VPN feature should be an automatic inclusion as it is an easy way to give you control of privacy. It then enables you to block phishing sites, removes ad trackers and apps that are getting information that you otherwise won’t permit sharing.


Play Mode

For gamers, this is a handy feature while on Game Mode. You can either turn on or off this option which will automatically disable notifications. To do this, click Settings. Then go to the Applications tab. You will then see the Play Mode section which gives you an option to toggle the feature on and off.


Katana Engine

The software running on the Katana Engine is probably one of the most notable features to mention. The Katana Engine runs on less CPU usage without compromising performance. It also tells you specific malware infecting your device as mentioned earlier.

Other Features

App Lock

Blocks phishing sites

Ransomware protection

Play Mode

VPN Protection

Crashes ransomware

Cleans and removes malware

Encrypts Wi-Fi Protection

Creates a virtual IP address

Java Protection

Application Behavior Protection

Operating System Compatibility:

Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP all the 32-bit and 64-bit
CPU Minimum 800 MHz with SSE2 technology. This includes modern Intel x86 processors, AMD’s Athlon 64, Sempron 64, Turion 64, Phenom CPU families
RAM 2GB (64-bit OS), 1GB (32-bit OS, 256 MB for Windows XP)
Disk Space Minimum 250 MB

How To Use

Think Malwarebytes will be a good fit for your home or business?

Learn more about its features and current price here.


Once you’ve made your purchase, follow the steps below to install the software on your device.


How to Download Malwarebytes?

Malwarebytes offers a powerful free tool able to get rid of unwanted programs. This free version requires manual updates and scans.

  • Click on the FREE DOWNLOAD link from the Malwarebytes website. The page should direct you to another window and begin the download automatically.
  • When a dialogue box appears, click run to allow the download.
  • As you begin the setup, select the language of choice, then click OK.
  • Proceed with running the installer until you reach the Finish button.


How To Scan Your PC

If you’re running the software for the first time, the application will scan for updates before you begin the scan.

  • Click on Scan Now which you will find in the Dashboard tab
  • Once the scan finishes, review the list in the Threat Scan and check if there are items that need to be quarantined. Uncheck safe programs before clicking “Quarantine Selected”.
  • Click “Scan Report” on the Reports tab.
  • Hover over the Quarantine tab and delete the items.
  • Restart the computer to complete the process.


How To Use Malwarebytes In Side-by-Side Mode With Another Antivirus

While the common advice on using software is not to run them alongside one other to prevent lagging and crashing of systems, while other software cannot be used with other antivirus and require that you uninstall the old one before installing the new software, Malwarebytes can be used with other existing antiviruses you may have. This is to recognize that Malwarebytes cannot completely run on its own, but allows other software to run for your device function in its maximum shape.

  • Open settings, then click on the “Security” tab.
  • Disable the “Always register Malwarebytes in the Windows Security Center” option. This will allow other software to run security.


How To Unblock Certain Websites Blocked By Malwarebytes?

If you find some sites to not work, or not available to access upon using the software, the Anti-Exploit feature may be in action. Most likely, you are also using Internet Explorer if you encounter this problem. One of the nearest possible causes is that one of the sites you are trying to visit is using a Microsoft VBScripting engine that does not pass the Anti-Exploit test. The only solution to this issue is to disable the detection.

  • Launch the Anti-Exploit tab.
  • Click on Settings, then Advanced Settings.
  • Select Application Hardening.
  • In the Disable Internet Explorer VB Scripting, uncheck Browsers.
  • Select Apply.

About Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes established its main headquarters in Sta. Clara, California in 2004. Some of its sub headquarters are in Florida and Ireland. It operates as an American Internet security company specializing in home computers and smartphones.


The latest version, Malwarebytes 4.0 claims to provide protection smarter and better than the ones you get from traditional antivirus software. The company’s founder, Marcin Kleczynski, got a nasty malware infection as he was crushing the Internet in search of video games. This despite having a big name, paid antivirus on his device. Marcin’s parents told him to fix it, and they wouldn’t help him with it. It took Marcin just three days to remove the malicious code. The rest, as they say, is history.


Malwarebytes’s team of more than 600 malware hunters, software engineers, and security industry veterans has been awarded six patents for their innovative technology. Everything they do is driven by the company’s mission, vision, and code – you and everyone has a right to a malware-free existence.

Final Thoughts

Back in the day, protecting your device is as easy as downloading a free antivirus software from the web, scanning the computer in a couple of minutes, and deleting programs that have been detected by that software. As long as you don’t visit sites that get a lot of pop-ups and open multiple windows, you are good to go. Now, merely downloading a seemingly malicious program entails being vulnerable to sophisticated malware and spyware traps.


Having a traditional antivirus software alone is not enough. Though at its price point and available pricing plan, one might consider Malwarebytes as not the best option in terms of practicality. However, Malwarebytes proves to be a better solution than a traditional one, and many users have positive reviews on the software’s performance.


The lightweight software also gives it plus points considering how users would prefer an interface that doesn’t require any advanced technical background. The scanning process also only takes a couple of minutes compared to other software that takes up almost an hour.


On a final note, Malwarebytes can be used in conjunction with other software, which tells a lot about the company’s genuine recognition that the software cannot perform on its own regardless of the power solution it provides.


We’ve now come to the end of our in-depth review on Malwarebytes Anti-Spyware Software. Did you like it? Did it make you buy one for your home or business? We hope it did, and we’d love to hear from you! And while you’re at it, if you’d like to learn more about other types of anti-spyware software in the market, please check out our anti-spyware software reviews at this link.