Are you an avid supporter of Japanese-made products and services due to their superior quality and durability? If you answered yes, then you should definitely try Trend Micro Maximum Security 2020 antivirus solutions for your PC, Smartphones, and other devices. Trend Micro Maximum Security 2020 is a product of Trend Micro, or Torendo Maikuro Kabushiki-Gaisha in Japanese, a multinational cybersecurity and defense company with global headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.


How Does Trend Micro Maximum Security Work?

trend micro maximum security 2020

Trend Micro Maximum Security 2020 is one of the best virus protection solutions and a must for every business and every home. It provides complete multi-device protection against viruses, ransomware, dangerous websites, and identity thieves, helping customers enjoy their digital life safely.


Are you worried about internet piracy? Fret not, Trend Micro is one of the largest providers of internet and antivirus security in the world, with over 250 million users. The company’s antivirus software protects users from malware, email scams, and even ransomware, Internet intruders that are becoming more of a threat in today’s world.


On top of all that, Trend Micro protects users as they surf. It scans websites and emails, and is always on the lookout for any and all forms of major Internet danger, such as spam emails from phishers.


If you are a parent, you know just how important it is to protect your children from the dangers of the online world. One way to do that is to set guidelines on what they can and can’t do online. Trend Micro knows just how important that is, which is why it’s got its Trend Micro’s Parental Controls feature which assists parents by restricting Internet usage to certain hours of the day. The Parental Controls feature also blocks certain websites and programs from kid’s prying eyes.


Those are a lot of features, but that’s not all Trend Micro Maximum Security has to offer. In the following sections of the article, we talk about the product’s premium features, its pros and cons, cross-platform installation guides, and other important information.


Why Choose Trend Micro Maximum Security?

trend micro maximum security 2020 b

Trend Micro Maximum Security stops malware from entering the web browser of various devices. By having their products tested in third-party testing groups and independent testing labs, Trend Micro was able to show how effective they are by blocking Windows and Mac malware, malicious websites, ransomware, Trojans, viruses, rootkits, and other threats. The organization’s impressive results in many tests gave them a perfect rating for malware protection for Mac and Windows operating systems.


Unlike most antivirus and security software competitors, Trend Micro also works well with Microsoft Edge browsers. In what way does the software do that? Without the use of browser extensions, Trend Micro utilizes web detection technology to warn users of malicious websites.


Another security feature is Trend Micro Maximum Security’s capability to scan email and removable devices for threats. It is also capable of warning the users of phishing schemes. In addition to that, Trend Micro Maximum Security also has cloud protection.


What is cloud protection?

Cloud Protection safeguards files and documents saved in cloud storage platforms such as Dropbox, and Google Drive. But with Trend Micro’s Maximum Security subscription, you get cloud protection and more. All users of the Trend Micro Maximum Security software are entitled to a 25GB online backup storage shared among all the user’s registered devices.


Rounding up our list is Trend Micro Maximum Security’s cross-platform compatibility feature. This feature makes Trend Micro Maximum Security one of the best computer protection software in the market. It eliminates all types of malware threats on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.


Additional Features such as Mute Mode for Power Users

Average Price

Cloud Storage Protection from Online Threats and Hackers

Multi-Layered Ransomware Protection

PC Health Check-Up cleans your PC

State-Of-The-Art Antivirus Protection


Less Robust Data Theft Prevention

Manual Configuration of Gamer Mode


Some Privacy Features Aren’t Reliable

Unavailability of Firewall Feature

Key Features

App Manager

Trend Micro Maximum Security helps you save valuable storage capacity on your mobile devices by viewing applications by usage and uninstalling rarely used and unused applications and setup files.


Lost Device Protection

Through Trend Micro’s online portal, users can locate a lost device, prompt an alarm, and remotely secure and wipe your device/s clean to safeguard your data and confidential information. It is integrated with a Secret Snap feature that captures a photo of whoever’s discovered or stolen your smartphone.


Mobile Security Console

With a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, Trend Micro Maximum Security provides easy access to all functions of its mobile version.


Parental Controls

Parental Controls helps users filter inappropriate sites and lock specific applications so your children can’t access them.


Pay Guard Mobile

When you are shopping or banking online, Pay Guard provides protection to safeguard your data and personal information while performing financial transactions.


Security Scan

Trend Micro’s Security Scan feature removes applications with privacy, vulnerability, or security issues. Are you concerned about having fake apps downloaded on your devices? Security Scan stops these installations and helps you identify legit apps.


Social Network Privacy

Another unique feature of Maximum Security is the Social Network Privacy. This tool helps users fix their social media account privacy settings and safeguards them from data and identity theft.


System Tuner

You can optimize your device’s memory and battery usage through the System Tuner. Other features like the Smart Power Saver and Just-a-Phone Mode feature contain shortcuts to quick tune your smartphones.


Web Guard

When you are browsing an application, or when you use apps with in-app browsing, Web Guard safeguards you from unwanted websites, inappropriate ads, and browsing trackers.


Wi-Fi Checker

If you’re always on the go and you require a public connection from time to time, Wi-Fi Checker is a handy companion for verifying Wi-Fi hotspots. It warns users when a public Wi-Fi is not secured with a password or valid certificate.

Other Features

Gamer Mode

Smartphone Optimizer

Safe Browser

VPN Service

Device Tune-Up

Live Help

Email, Ticket & Phone Support

Operating System Compatibility

Windows Windows 10 (32Bit | 64Bit); Windows 8.1 (32Bit | 64Bit); Windows 7 SP1 (32Bit | 64Bit)
Mac macOS X 10.15 or Higher (Catalina); macOS X 10.14 or Higher (Mojave); macOS X 10.13 or Higher (High Sierra)
Android 4.1 or Later
iOS 9.0 or Later

Windows Hardware Requirements

Processor 1 GHz
RAM 1GB Memory (2GB Recommended)
Hard Disk Space 1.3GB (1.5GB Recommended)

Mac Hardware Requirements

Processor Intel Core-based Apple Macintosh
RAM 2GB Memory
Hard Disk Space 1.5GB

How To Use

Think Trend Micro Maximum Security will be a good fit for your home or business? Learn more about its features and current price here.

Once you’ve made your purchase, follow the steps below to install the software on your device:


Install Trend Micro Maximum Security for Windows

  • Verify if your Windows PC has met the minimum requirements specification mentioned above
  • Download and install Trend Micro Maximum Security for Windows installer
  • Double-click on the downloaded installer file to run the installation
  • If the User Account Control window pops up, click Yes
  • Wait for the Trend Micro Installation window guide to appear on your screen
  • Input your Serial Number. Your serial number will be given to you upon purchase of the product.
  • Click Next
  • Read thoroughly the Privacy and Personal Data Collection Disclosure and click Next
  • Read thoroughly the License Agreement and click Accept and Install
  • Wait for the installation process to be completed.
  • Input a Computer Name when prompted from the Activate Your Protection panel
  • Click Next
  • Input your Email Address
  • Click Next
  • Input the required information on the Account Information Form
  • Click Next
  • Double-check the information you’ve provided and click Next
  • Click Finish


Install Trend Micro Maximum Security for Mac

  • Verify if your Mac has met the minimum requirements specification mentioned above
  • Download and install Trend Micro Maximum Security for Mac installer
  • Open the downloaded installer file
  • Click Install Trend Micro Antivirus
  • Click Continue
  • Once the System Check Process has completed, click Continue on the panel
  • Read the Privacy and Personal Data Collection Disclosure
  • Click Continue
  • Read the License Agreement
  • Click Continue
  • When a License Agreement pops up on the screen, click Agree
  • Input your Serial Number
    Note: Your serial number can be found on the CD sleeve or from your order confirmation email if you ordered online.
  • Click Continue
  • Click Install
  • Input your Administrator Account Username and Password
  • Click Install Software
  • Once the installation has been completed, click Close
  • Restart your Mac to ensure successful installation of Trend Micro Maximum Security app


Install Trend Micro Maximum Security for Android (From Mobile Device)

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Input “Trend Micro Mobile Security” on the Search Field
  • Choose the Mobile Security & Antivirus from Trend Micro in the Search Results
  • Tap Install
  • Tap Accept to allow the App Permissions
  • Once the installation has been completed, tap Open
  • Read the Privacy and Personal Data Collection Disclosure
  • Tap “I agree to share user usage data to help improve this app
  •  Tap Accept and Continue
  • Tap Buy/Activate located on the lower-right corner of the screen
  • To activate Trend Micro Maximum Security on your mobile device, choose any of the following:
    – Use Activation Code to input your Serial Number
    Sign In to Use Existing License


Install Trend Micro Maximum Security for iOS

  • Open the App Store
  • Input “Trend Micro Mobile Security” in the Search Field
  • Tap “Trend Micro Mobile Security” from the Search Results
  • Tap Get
  • Tap Install
  • Once the installation has been completed, launch the app
  • Read and accept the License Agreement
  • Tap Next
  • Tap Done
  • To activate your Trend Micro Mobile Security application, follow these simple steps depending on your subscription status:

    Active Trend Micro Maximum Security Subscription
  • Scroll down on the app and tap Settings
  • Tap Set Up An Account
  • Log in with your Trend Micro Account
  • When a “Use Avail Subscription” pops up, click Next
  • Expand Mobile Security by tapping on the arrow-down icon
  • Choose the existing license you want to be transferred to your device
  • When prompted for the Transfer Existing License panel, tap OK

    New Trend Micro Maximum Security Subscription
  • Navigate to Activation Portal
  • Input your Activation Code
  • Click Next
  • Sign In to your Trend Micro Account. If you’re a new user, click Need an account? to register for a Trend Micro Account.
  • Input the required information and click Next
  • Scroll down from the menu until you see Mobile Security
  • Proceed to Activate and click On my iPhone/iPad to expand the complete instructions

Note: The QR Code Scanner is on the upper-right corner of the screen.  When prompted to allow Mobile Security to use your iPhone’s camera, tap OK

About Trend Micro

In 1988, Trend Micro was co-founded by Eva Chen, Steve Chang and Jenny Chang. Their dream was to develop antivirus software- but it didn’t stop there. Over the last three decades, Trend Micro has become a market leader in small business security, hybrid cloud security, endpoint security, and network defense.


For almost 30 years, Trend Micro’s unwavering vision has been to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Security is its entire focus and it shows. For nearly three decades, the company’s depth of experience truly remains unmatched. From the endpoint to the network to the cloud, Trend Micro keeps its consumers covered with a connected threat defense recognized by analysts, customers, and industry gurus of all kinds

Final Thoughts

After all that’s been discussed, we can safely say Trend Micro Maximum Security is a concrete and robust cybersecurity protection software. In terms of pricing, it’s well worth the money even if you need to spend a few bucks for additional premium features. Its protection is perceived as excellent by several testing labs. To attain its maximum levels of protection, Trend Micro is integrated with different protection layers including artificial intelligence, behavioral analysis, and regular scanning – everything you need to have in one suite.


One of its best assets is the interface’s simplicity and ease of use. The application is very straightforward to navigate. It doesn’t bother you with unnecessary notifications and updates which is a big advantage for simple users. After all, security programs work best when they only prompt you with actual problems.


In terms of pricing, Trend Micro Maximum security is a budget-friendly solution, although it doesn’t offer a free version. However, it does give its users a 30-day free trial period available, giving you the opportunity to test the software before getting a yearly package.


Still need to go through other products before deciding if Trend Micro is for you or not? Feel free to go through our other antivirus software reviews or privacy protection software reviews to help you get to know some of the best cybersecurity solutions on the market.